Our vision of an African city cultivates the unique African urban vitality combined with quality infrastructure, clean, safe streets and systems that ensure the smooth and effective running of the city. African cities are warm, welcoming places, bustling with life and characterized by a sense of community.

In a communiTgrow city, sound organization and institutional supports are well planned. A well-designed economic model develops whole-system, integrated urban communities resulting in a regenerative, sustainable city within which citizens live a healthy, balanced and upwardly mobile lifestyle.

Residents can access quality education at all stages of their lives; work, live and play without having to travel long distances; enjoy parks, open spaces and public recreation facilities near their homes; walk and use public and non-motorized transport without relying on personal motor vehicles; live in safe streets with good quality, efficient services; and contribute to sustaining the natural environment and minimizing their impact on climate change.

Urbanisation in Africa calls for the development of infrastructure, homes, amenities, educational and healthcare facilities for what will be 2 billion people by 2050.  It is estimated that 800 new cities, consisting of a million people each, will be needed to accomodate everybody on the continent in the next 40 years. Here, we are faced with the opportunity to proactively design urban communities that allow regions to thrive in a sustainable manner.

communiTgrow’s model for sustainable urban communities consists of 6 Pillars that form the foundation of  regenerative community development, ensuring that people and the environment can flourish. communiTgrow offers a regenerative solution to building sustainable cities in Africa by partnering with governments and landowners to deliver large-scale projects which maximise the potential of African communities. 

CommuniTgrow’s pilot project, Wescape, is situated in Cape Town where the city is faced with a housing backlog of almost half a million.  Wescape will assist in providing solutions to many of the metropole’s economic expansion requirements through a  20 year plan for education, housing and healthcare.