communiTgrow AFRICA

communiTgrow has identified the need for a specialised turnkey development company which can address the demand for large-scale integrated, whole-system human settlements in Africa.

The foundations of a community are reflected in communiTgrowʼs Six Pillars. Developed simultaneously within their contexts, they are fully integrated and mutually-beneficial to each other. The Pillars facilitate integrated solutions which address multiple challenges in the various sectors of a community, allowing people, the environment and the economy to co-evolve.

The demand for homes in South Africa is gaining increasing attention with the total housing backlog in South Africa being over 2.3 million homes and 450 000 within the City of Cape Town. This is a significant demand which has not yet been fully utilized in South Africa, or Cape Town, as potential to turn around an economy struggling to create jobs. At the same time, there is investment targeted towards infrastructure development. communTigrow brings these two impetuses together to create regenerative city making. The demand which will characterize urbanization in Africa over the next four decades will require at least 800 cities of a million people each, similar in size to what is being planned at Wescape in Cape Town by communiTgrow.