The economic pillar is best understood as developing a detailed business plan for a communiTgrow city - each city developed by communiTgrow will have its own unique business plan. The foundational Economy Pillar  creates a 20 plus year business plan for Wescape. The goal is to ensure that sustainable micro-industries are created in the value chain of of supplying the established demand for homes through leveraging the skills and expertise of existing suppliers. This consequent clustering around the construction industry and the magnets / attractors create a multiplier effect that in turn establishes a full array of sustainable economic activities over the life of the building project. The phased delivery allows the conversion of lower skill entry into permanent higher and diversified skilled jobs for the citizens of the emergent city. The economic pillar thus invests in the emergence of  a meso-economy built on the impetus of the construction of housing, the micro-economic business clustering within the macro-economic regional context, and the subsequent living and servicing needs of a well designed and functioning city.

The number of employment opportunities to be created in Wescape  is estimated to be 300,000 + new jobs which translates into each household having income generating potential from employment within the secondary city.

The economic pillar is the cornerstone of the communiTgrow approach and as such the business plan evolves from a contextual understanding of the locational opportunities. This is done to ensure that the business of establishing the new city regenerates environmental, commercial and social conditions  through dignified city and place making, with governance as the capstone of the business structure.

2 Billion Strong

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