A CSIR norms based assessment  done specifically for Wescape concludes that at least 200 new schools are needed to accommodate the expected Wescape population of 800,000 to 1 million people. Such a need places huge pressure on the public sector. However, through the provisions of the Wescape project, the public sector will be in a better position to design, finance and deliver educational facilities, thereby advancing the national goal of a literate and educated nation.

The Sustainable Development Goal for education endeavours to deliver children to educational institutions and grant each child the opportunity to education. In the communiTgrow approach, children are seen to have the right to receive quality education and become literate, numerate and skilled members of society who can re-skill themselves as new opportunities arise. Of equal importance is that education acts as one of the attractors from which new opportunities for business development, innovation and employment is generated. With the communiTgrow education system’s core focus of creating a culture of learning that spans across age and class, the opportunity to enhance the ability of communities to become more resilient to economic and social pressures is increased. Education is seen as instrumental in regenerating families, community, and the environment. Excellent Schools and Education Institutions can be at the heart of a society to forge the appreciation and celebration of diversity, peace and common democratic values.

communiTgrow takes cognizance of and explores the current challenges in South African and African contexts to fully understand what needs to be overcome. It illustrates the thinking tools necessary to create a system of education capable of providing a relevant service for all sectors of society.

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