Governance, simply put is defined as the rules that individuals and groups agree to uphold and live by. Each individual, family, or group in society belong to one or more institutions that will have their governance documented. In a communiTgrow city, such as Wescape, these will be place-based, diversity sensitive and focus on safety, security, peace and order and agreed ways to addressing breakdowns and defaults. And so from District to Precinct to Street to Building, these social and business contracts set the rules.

These are co-ordinated via regular feedback mechanisms. All institutions work to agreed codes of conduct,  where these rules we agree to live by are discussed and agreed.

This pillar draws from communiTgrow’s institutional creative conversations, development studies, social housing and urban management studies, feedback from expert brainstorming sessions and stakeholder meetings, as well as reviews and engagement with key analytical literature including feasibility studies, policy and position papers, current legislation and international best practice models relative to the challenges presented by African urbanization and city-making in the 21st century.

communitgrow's approach to Governance  is documented in the 2 BILLION STRONG book, and will inspire and serve as a resource for decision makers and influencers, officials, developers and professionals who are faced with similar challenges in their environment and/or country.

2 Billion Strong

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